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Change Request
NHS Information Authority

Data Standards and Information Programme

Reference: Change Request 278
Version No: 1.3
Subject: DSCN 42/2002
Type of Change: Revision of NHS data standards
Effective Date: 1 September 2002
Reason for Change: Inadequate description of a national code.


This DSCN specifies a change to the description of a national code within the attribute ATTENDED OR DID NOT ATTEND. As a result of a query sent to the Data Standards Programme regarding the cancellation of an appointment as a result of a patient's death, it was drawn to our attention that 'Appointment cancelled by the patient', did not appear to cover a situation where a patient's appointment is cancelled as a result of a patient being deceased. This DSCN rectifies the inadequate description.

Summary of changes:
Attribute Definitions
ATTENDED OR DID NOT ATTEND    Change to Description

Name: Kevin Shine
Date: 26 March 2004
Sponsor: NHS Data Standards Programme

Note: Additions shown in highlighted with a blue background. Deletions are shown using strikeout.

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Change to Attribute: Change to Description

This indicates whether or not a PERSON or PATIENT attended for an appointment. If the PATIENT did not attend it also indicates whether or not advanced warning was given.

For colposcopy appointments only, code 2 is subdivided into:
      (i)  before the appointment date
      (ii) on the appointment day
and code 3 is subdivided into:
      (i)  arrived, but did not wait to be seen
      (ii) other

National Codes:

5 Attended on time or, if late, before the relevant health care professional was ready to see the patient
6 Arrived late, after the relevant health care professional was ready to see the patient, but was seen
7 Patient arrived late and could not be seen
2 Appointment cancelled by, or on behalf of, the patient
3 Did not attend - no advance warning given
4 Appointment cancelled or postponed by the HEALTH CARE PROVIDER

Note: The classification has been listed in logical sequence rather than alphanumeric order.

This attribute is also known by these names:
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