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Reference: Change Request 394
Version No: 1.4
Subject: National Cancer Data Set - Change to Excision Margin
Type of Change: Change to Excision Margin codes
Effective Date: 1 January 2004
Reason for Change: The change was proposed as a result of analysis of the Royal College of Pathology data sets and approved by the Cancer Data Group.


The National Cancer Data Set Project, run by the NHS Information Authority, has produced a set of data items relating to the diagnosis and management of cancer.

The purpose of the National Cancer Minimum Data Set is to advise organisations within the National Health Service on a transferable set of data. These data will meet the needs of clinical audit, assist in the generation of National Performance Indicators and will allow outcome assessment.

Data Standards to support parts of the National Cancer Data Set have been released in earlier DSCNs.

More information about the project and the Data Set can be found at:

This DSCN updates NHS Data Standards to support the changes to the codes for Excision Margin.Summary of changes:

Attribute Definitions
EXCISION MARGIN    Change to Description
Data Elements
EXCISION MARGIN    Change to Description

Name: Kevin Shine
Date: 17 May 2004
Sponsor: Cancer Data Group

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Change to Attribute: Change to Description

An indication of whether the excision margin was clear of the tumour and if so, by how much.

National Codes:

A Margin involved
01 Excision margins are clear (distance from margin not stated)
B less than 1 mm clear
02 Excision margins are clear (tumour >5mm from the margin)
C 1-5 mm clear
D >5 mm clear
03 Excision margins are clear (tumour >1mm but less than or equal to 5mm from the margin
U Uncertain
04 Tumour is less than or equal to 1mm of excision margin, but does not reach margin
05 Tumour reaches tumour margin
06 Uncertain

National Cancer Data Set Version 1.3_ISB October 2002 National Cancer Data Set

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Format/length: an1
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HES item:
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Default Codes: 8 - Not applicable
Default Codes: 98 - Not applicable
99 - Not known

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