This records the streaming classification assigned to an ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY ATTENDANCE, within an ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. Streaming is a system whereby PATIENTS are allocated to different flows according to their needs. These flows are individually staffed and continue to function whatever the pressures in other streams. Within any stream, at any one time, there may be PATIENTS with different A+E INITIAL ASSESSMENT TRIAGE CATEGORIES. An ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT will have either simple streaming or full streaming in place and will use the appropriate classification.


Simple streaming
a. Minor case
b. Major case
c. Resuscitation
Full streaming
d. Self Care (those patients who attend A&E and do not need investigation or hospital treatment. After a thorough assessment the patients are given appropriate advice on self-care and are discharged. They will also be advised on indications for further contact)
e. Primary Care (those patients with conditions who could be treated by a primary care team),
f. Minor Injury and Moderate Illness (Ambulatory care) (patients who need some investigation or treatment for an injury but are unlikely to be admitted),
g. Clinical Assessment (Majors) (those patients needing a more thorough clinical assessment and may need a series of investigations or observation before definitive treatment can be determined.)
h. Resuscitation (patients with serious illness or injury that need emergency assessment and care.)

Reforming Emergency Care First Steps to a New Approach:
Reforming Emergency Care 2001-2 & 2002-3, Streaming in accident and emergency departments:


This attribute is also known by these names:

Context Alias
plural A+E STREAMS