The British Association of Dermatologists' Diagnostic Index Body Site coding.

National codes:

0 Scalp
1 Face
2 Forehead/temples
3 Eyelid/periocular
4 Eye
5 Nose
6 Cheek
7 Lips/perioral
8 Mouth
9 Tongue
A Teeth and Gingivae
B Beard area
C Neck
D Ear/pre/post-auricular
E Toe
F Foot/plantar
G Hand & Foot/palmoplantar
H Hand/palmar
J Finger/thumb
K Forearm/wrist
L Arm
M Leg/ankle
N Thigh
P Fingernails
Q Nails/paronychial
R Toenails
S Trunk
T Flexures
W Genital
X Penis
Y Vulva
a Scrotum
b Perianal/perineal
c Breast/nipple
d Umbilicus
e Axilla

National Cancer Data Set Version 2.1_ISB October 2002