A classification of the use to which an ORGANISATION SITE is put.


a. General and Acute Hospital - Hospitals providing acute services. Such hospitals may provide multi-speciality or single speciality services. They may or may not include some non-acute services (up to 60% of the beds) without altering the classification.
b. Short Term Non-acute Hospital - Hospitals where the service delivered is mainly short term non-acute services including respite care, convalescence and rehabilitation.
c. Long Stay Hospital - Hospitals where the service delivered is mainly for long-stay patients i.e. where patients stays are expected to be more than six months e.g. hospitals for the long-stay care of the mentally ill, elderly or patients with learning difficulties.
d. Non Hospital (Patient) - Includes nursing homes, residential care homes and group homes providing mainly long stay residential-type care, clinics and health centres.
e. Non Hospital (Non-Patient) - Includes administrative or other support service sites, ambulance stations and other non-hospital sites where PATIENTS are not treated or accommodated. Sites used solely for the accommodation of staff are excluded from this classification.

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