The time a PATIENT spends in the continuous care of one or more CARE PROFESSIONAL.

The care is the responsibility of a lead CARE PROFESSIONAL. This responsibility may be equally shared by two or more JOINT LEAD CARE PROFESSIONALS. Where two or more CARE PROFESSIONALS are jointly responsible for the care of the PATIENT one must be nominated as the lead CARE PROFESSIONAL for the CARE EPISODE. Social and other care may be incorporated within the CARE EPISODE but this may not be the responsibility of the lead CARE EPISODE.

A PATIENT may not have concurrent CARE EPISODES within a HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL. Where the lead responsibility is transferred from one care professional to another within a HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL, the CARE EPISODE will end and a new one start. An intervention by a CARE PROFESSIONAL with responsibility for a particular procedure does not end the episode. The episode only ends if overall responsibility for the PATIENT is transferred. 

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