The site of an establishment registered with the National Care Standards Commission as a care home which provides accommodation, together with nursing or personal care, for the following persons:

- a person who is or has been ill
- a person who is disabled or infirm
- a person who is or has been dependent on alcohol or drugs
- a person who has or has had a mental disorder (this includes mental illness as well as psychopathic disorders)

CARE HOME SITES include group homes not normally staffed by nurses but providing accommodation and personal care, nursing homes which provide full time nursing care and residential care homes staffed 24 hours a day providing board and general personal care to vulnerable residents who require on-going care and supervision.

A nursing home is staffed by NURSES or MIDWIVES 24 hours a day, providing services for client/patients requiring residential nursing care. Medical care continues to be the responsibility of the client/ patient's GENERAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER. The premises may be used for nursing people suffering from sickness, injury or infirmity; pregnant women or women after childbirth or for nursing of mentally disordered patients. Exceptionally some PATIENTS may remain under the care of a CONSULTANT, i.e. CONSULTANT EPISODES (HOSPITAL PROVIDER) may occur in care homes. This is likely to be where the complexity or intensity of their clinical care (whether medical, nursing or other), or the need for frequent not easily predictable interventions, requires the regular supervision of a CONSULTANT.

Any establishment in which treatment or nursing (or both) are provided for persons liable to be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 cannot be a CARE HOME SITE and is either a NHS hospital or must be registered as an independent hospital.

National Care Standards Commission registration April 2002.


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