This records all the activity that has occurred in the WARD in the previous 24 hours and the bed availability status of the ward. DAILY WARD LISTINGS should be completed at midnight, or during the working day in wards only open for limited periods.

Beds may be reserved and unavailable for a variety of reasons, including when they are vacated by PATIENTS who are on HOME LEAVE.

A bed vacated by a PATIENT while on HOME LEAVE or LEAVE OF ABSENCE for 28 days or less, or with a current period of ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE of 28 days or less, may be recorded on the DAILY WARD LISTING, if unoccupied, as reserved and not available because of HOME LEAVE, LEAVE OF ABSENCE or ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE.

However, if a bed that is reserved for whatever reason is occupied by another patient it should be recorded as available and occupied.

Beds may be used sometimes by healthy persons accompanying a PATIENT. When this occurs the bed should be recorded as unavailable because it is being used by a healthy person.

Bed availability should be measured in terms of bed days for all WARDS which are open overnight. WARDS open only during the day time or at night should be separately identified and the bed availability measured on the basis of the number of days or nights for which a service is being provided. For WARDS open overnight, bed availability should be measured as at midnight.

For WARDS only open during the day, bed availability should be measured in the morning. If a WARD is open for five days and four nights, the bed availability on the fifth day should be measured in the morning.

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