LEAVE OF ABSENCE only applies to PATIENTS liable to be detained in hospital under Part II of the Mental Health Act 1983 and as amended by the Mental Health (Patients in the Community) Act 1995.

The granting of LEAVE OF ABSENCE can only be authorised by the Responsible Medical Officer for the PATIENT. The granted period of absence from hospital may be indefinite, a specified occasion or for any specified period and be escorted or unescorted. Where leave is granted for a specified period, that period may be extended by further leave granted in absence of the PATIENT. If the period of leave is extended, the current LEAVE OF ABSENCE will be ended, and a new one started.

A LEAVE OF ABSENCE for a period up to a maximum of 28 days from the start date, will not interrupt the CONSULTANT EPISODE (HOSPITAL PROVIDER), CARE HOME STAY (CONSULTANT CARE), CARE HOME STAY (NURSING CARE) or CARE HOME STAY (RESIDENTIAL). A LEAVE OF ABSENCE for a period greater than 28 days from the start date, will entail the PATIENT being discharged from the current HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL or CARE HOME STAYS (NURSING CARE), or their CARE HOME STAY (RESIDENTIAL) being ended.

During the LEAVE OF ABSENCE, the Responsible Medical Officer continues to be responsible for the organisation and management of the PATIENT's continuing health and social care needs.

If a PATIENT does not return by midnight on the day specified, then the LEAVE OF ABSENCE will be ended and a period of ABSENCE WITHOUT LEAVE started.

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