An NHS TRUST is a legal entity, set up by order of the Secretary of State under section 5 of 'The National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990' and performance managed by a STRATEGIC HEALTH AUTHORITY.

NHS TRUSTS may act as HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS and provide hospital services, community services and/or other aspects of patient care, such as patient transport facilities. They may also act as commissioners when sub-contracting patient care services to other providers of health care.

An NHS TRUSTS may be approved to provide high security psychiatric services in high security accommodation for PATIENTS liable to be detained in hospital under provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983, who require treatment under conditions of special security on account of their dangerous, violent or criminal propensities. The services will be provided at one or more HOSPITAL SITES of the NHS TRUSTS.

To provide such services, the NHS TRUSTS must be approved by the Secretary of State under paragraph 10(2) and (3) of Schedule 2 to the "National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990".

Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 267; The National Health Service (Functions of Health Authorities and Administration Arrangements) Amendment Regulations 2000

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