A period of OPERATING THEATRE time allocated to one or more consultant firms (CONSULTANT).

A session is either scheduled or unscheduled.

A scheduled session is when the allocation of time is made to one CONSULTANT whose firm is responsible for the utilisation of this session. It does not include time made available for an operation on a particular PATIENT unless the operation is included in a scheduled session as above and performed by a member of a consultant firm of the same TREATMENT FUNCTION as that allocated to the session.

An unscheduled session is when an allocation of time is made available for one or more THEATRE CASES in any circumstances outside a scheduled session as above. THEATRE CASES in unscheduled sessions may be the responsibility of different CONSULTANTS.

An OPERATING THEATRE SESSION may under/over-run the allocated time. The allocation, i.e. consultant firm, time and/or theatre may change by agreement any time before the session starts.

An OPERATING THEATRE SESSION should be considered cancelled if the time slot allocation is not used to perform at least one operation.

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