An ORGANISATION within the NHS, which is accountable to a HEALTH AUTHORITY, and is comprised of a number of GENERAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER PRACTICES. The main functions of a PRIMARY CARE GROUPS are: to contribute to the HEALTH AUTHORITY's Health Improvement Programme; to promote the health of the local population; to commission health services for the local population within the framework of the Health Improvement Programme.

PRIMARY CARE GROUPSS are constituted as sub-committees of a HEALTH AUTHORITY and can operate at 'Level 1' or 'Level 2'. These levels define their degree of responsibility for commissioning.

The relationship between a PRIMARY CARE GROUPS and the HEALTH AUTHORITY to which it is accountable is expressed through the class ORGANISATION STRUCTURE whose attribute ORGANISATION STRUCTURE TYPE is classified as 'Accountable To'.

The PRIMARY CARE GROUPS is responsible for a population which comprises:

- Those persons registered with GPs whose practices are within the PRIMARY CARE GROUPS, irrespective of whether they reside within the boundary of the PRIMARY CARE GROUPS's HEALTH AUTHORITY, plus
- those persons who are not registered with any GP but who reside in the PRIMARY CARE GROUPS's geographic area. The PRIMARY CARE GROUPS's geographic area is an area allocated to the PRIMARY CARE GROUPS within the boundary of the PRIMARY CARE GROUPS's HEALTH AUTHORITY.

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