A service set up by a PRIMARY CARE TRUST to help people give up smoking and to monitor the service.

To be designated as an NHS SMOKING CESSATION SERVICE requires that minimum quality standards should be met. To meet these minimum quality standards all advisers should:

- have received appropriate training for their role,
- carry out the 4 week follow-up promptly, in accordance with the current guidance,
- complete the minimum data set (the individual client data monitoring forms) for each client,
fully and accurately, and return the information required to the coordinator in good time,
- offer weekly support for at least the first four weeks of a quit attempt,
- attempt to confirm smoking status of all clients self-reporting as having quit at 4 week follow-up by use of a CO monitor, except where follow-up is carried out by telephone.

The majority of services will operate broadly on the 'Maudsley' model of a clinic providing intensive support, usually on a group therapy basis, to the most dependent smokers. The service should also continue to be supplemented by a range of services in various settings in primary care, secondary care and the community.

Central monitoring of data regarding 52 week follow-up is no longer required however, follow-up at 52 week stage is still recommended as good practice to establish long-term success rates and this information should still be collected locally.

HSC 1999/087 New NHS Smoking Cessation Services, April 1999
Department of Health Monitoring Return: Smoking Cessation Services, April 2001


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