This is a statement of the operational planning intent for a particular WARD, including intended time and bed availability, TREATMENT FUNCTION, BROAD PATIENT GROUP and CLINICAL CARE INTENSITY.

Bed availability, in the above, is expressed as the WARD Total Beds Intended (Consultant Care, Nursing Care and Midwife Care) available for the use of PATIENTS. This should reflect the number of places available for patient care rather than just a count of physical devices that may be used as a bed.

A bed includes any device that may be used to permit a PATIENT to lie down when the need to do so is as a consequence of the PATIENT's condition rather than the need for active intervention such as examination, diagnostic investigation, manipulation/treatment, or transport. Cots should be included in statistics about beds where appropriate.

It should be noted that:

a. A couch or trolley should be considered as a bed provided it is used regularly to permit a PATIENT to lie down rather than for merely examination or transport. An example of such an arrangement is a day surgery ward furnished with trolleys
b. A PATIENT may need to use a bed, couch or trolley whilst attending for a specific short procedure taking an hour or less, such as an endoscopy. If such devices are being used only because of the active intervention and not because of the PATIENT'S condition, they should NOT be counted as beds for statistical purposes
c. A PATIENT needing a lengthy procedure such as renal dialysis may use a bed or other means of support such as a couch or special chair. Whatever the device used it should be counted as a bed if used regularly for this purpose
d. Some procedures require narcosis. If this necessitates the PATIENT to lie down, the bed, couch or trolley can be counted as a hospital bed if used regularly for this purpose
e. A device specifically and solely for the purpose of delivery should not be counted as a bed if another device is normally reserved for antenatal and postnatal care. Details of the facilities available for delivery in a maternity ward should be included in a ward inventory

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