Format/length: an15
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This is the address of the physical ORGANISATION or site responsible for sending a CDS interchange.

This is a mandatory data element when submitting CDS interchanges.
Every organisation must register its CDS INTERCHANGE SENDER IDENTITY and/or CDS INTERCHANGE RECEIVER IDENTITY with the service. Where an Organisation acts on behalf of another NHS Organisation, care must be taken to ensure the correct use of the address. For data submitted to the service the CDS INTERCHANGE SENDER IDENTITY is the EDI Address of the sending site.
For onward delivery, the service will insert the CDS supplier identity as the address of the physical site to send the data.

XML Interchanges:
All CDS-XML interchanges submitted must contain a CDS INTERCHANGE SENDER IDENTITY.

NHSCDS EDIFACT Interchanges:
The CDS INTERCHANGE SENDER IDENTITY is represented by the EDI Sender Address data contained in the EDIFACT UNB S002/0004 Sender Identification data element and must conform to the NHS EDI Addressing Standards as specified in NWNDT/T1.20.2 as allocated by the NHS Information Authority.
Note that this utilises a 15 alpha-character format although the EDIFACT data element supports an an35 format.
EDI gateway management and translation solution sets usually generate the required EDIFACT Service Segments (UNB, UNH, UNT, UNZ).

The CDS INTERCHANGE SENDER IDENTITY is represented by the EDI Sender Address contained in the Source Identification data field as defined in the CDS Interface Gateway Service Control record. The authorised source of this definition is contained in the NWCS User Guide.
Note that the MHMDS Assembler software generates this data into its CDS IGS control record carried at the start of the MHMDS before submitting the data.