Format/length: n1
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Additional National Code guidance not contained in the attribute definition is given below. It is shown in italics.
0 Spontaneous vertex (normal vaginal delivery, occipitoanterior)
1 Spontaneous other cephalic (cephalic vaginal delivery with abnormal presentation of head at delivery, without instruments, with or without manipulation)
2 Low forceps, not breech (e.g. forceps, low application, without manipulation. Includes forceps delivery not otherwise specified)
3 Other forceps, not breech (e.g. forceps with manipulation. Includes high forceps and mid forceps)
4 Ventouse, vacuum extraction
5 Breech (spontaneous delivery assisted or unspecified. Includes partial breech extraction)
6 Breech extraction (not otherwise specified. Includes total breech extraction and version with breech extraction)
7 Elective caesarean section (caesarean section before, or at onset of, labour)
8 Emergency caesarean section
9 Other than those specified above (e.g. application of weight to leg in breech delivery. Includes destructive operation to facilitate delivery and other surgical or instrumental delivery)

Without extending the width of this field to two characters it is not possible to accommodate a value of 'Not known', therefore the use of 8 and 9 in this field represent exceptions to the general rule. 

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