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The date on which transfer took place for daycase investigation and/or interventional treatment within an ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION CARE SPELL. Arranged daycase transfers are not discharged from hospital.

If a patient is discharged (to another hospital) leave this field blank, and use fields DISCHARGE DATE (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL) and DISCHARGE DESTINATION (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL). This allows recording of interval between referral and procedure. Dates for ANGIOGRAM DATE and INTERVENTION DATE (FIRST IN AMI CARE SPELL) will be the same date where PCI follows angiography at the same procedure, but it is likely that for some time angiography in a DGH to be followed by intervention elsewhere. This option will be covered by either INVESTIGATION TRANSFER DATE, in the case of a day case transfer or by DISCHARGE DATE (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL) & DISCHARGE DESTINATION (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL) for a patient discharged.

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Transfer date for daycase investigation


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