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Records the PROCEDURE CODING identified in the following relevant procedures associated with the diabetic condition.

OPCS-4 Codes

LASER (Ocular retinal photocoagulation)
C82.1 Cauterisation of lesion of retina
Y08.4 Laser destruction (secondary procedure)
MINOR AMPUTATION (amputation toe or below ankle)
X11.1 Amputation of great toe
X11.2 Amputation of phalanax of toe
X11.8 Amputation of toe, other specified
X11.9 Amputation of toe, unspecified
X10.1 Amputation of foot through ankle
X10.8 Amputation of foot, other specified
X10.9 Amputation of foot, unspecified
MAJOR AMPUTATION (amputation leg, above or below knee)
X09.3 Amputation of leg above knee
X09.4 Amputation of leg through knee
X09.5 Amputation of leg below knee
RRT (End stage renal failure requiring renal replacement therapy)
X40.1 Compensation for renal failure, renal dialysis
X40.2 Compensation for renal failure, peritineal dialysis
X40.3 Compensation for renal failure, haemodialysis
X40.8 Compensation for renal failure, other specified
X40.9 Compensation for renal failure, unspecified
M01.1 Transplantation of kidney autotransplantation of kidney
M01.2 Transplantation of kidney allotransplantation of kidney
M01.3 Transplantation of kidney allotransplantation of kidney
M01.8 Transplantation of kidney other specified
M01.9 Transplantation of kidney unspecified


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