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2.0.0 n/a Migrated from v1.3 December 2002 n/a
2.1.0 CP297 NHS data standards to support DSCN 47/2002 3 Nov 2004 1 Apr 2003
2.2.0 CP391 To enable NHS Trusts, PCTs and Independent Sector providers to identify each Treatment Centre separately by using the Organisation Site Code. 3 Nov 2004 7 Jan 2004
2.3.0 CP484 The Payment by Results (PbR) policy changes the way funds flow between commissioners and providers of health care services in England. Through the establishment of standard national tariffs for similar types of treatments, providers will be paid on the basis of the volume and complexity of the activity they actually deliver. Payment by Results has ministerial backing. This DSCN has been sponsored by the Head of the Payment by Results. The DSCN supports 'Implementing PbR Technical Guidance 2005/06', specifically paragraphs 3.16 to 3.18 and 6.12, which can be found on the DH website:<br>PublicationsPolicyAndGuidanceArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4097993&chk=JSLwVc. For Foundation Trusts the scope of PbR includes non-elective admissions, out-patients and A&E in 2005/6. Although, for non-Foundation Trusts, these elements are outside the scope of the tariff in 2005/6, data are still required to flow to operate PbR in shadow form and so that new baselines can be established for 2006/7. Payment by Results also requires the implementation of DSCNs 26/2003 and 34/2003 Updated National Specialty List (introduction of new Treatment Function codes). The outpatient tariff is based on Treatment Function and certain Treatment Functions are also used to define the scope of the Admitted Patient Care tariff. 26 Apr 2005 1 Apr 2005

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