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SSSA (NUMBER FOR DETENTION) is an optional data item note in the Mental Health Minimum Dataset (MHMD) collection record and should only be present if one or more SOCIAL SERVICES STATUTORY ASSESSMENTS with a STATUTORY ASSESSMENT TYPE classification of a.i. 'Assess whether application for compulsory detention should be made have occurred during the REPORTING PERIOD.

It is the total number of such assessments for detention within the REPORTING PERIOD. Each such assessment is recorded by a SOCIAL SERVICES STATUTORY ASSESSMENT and there may be more than one recorded during the course of a REPORTING PERIOD.

There is a STATUTORY ASSESSMENT DATE for each SOCIAL SERVICES STATUTORY ASSESSMENT and the calculation is based upon those assessments for detention which have occurred during the REPORTING PERIOD.

If the PATIENT has more than one MENTAL HEALTH CARE SPELL during the same REPORTING PERIOD and therefore more than one MHMDS collection record, then the same SSSA (NUMBER FOR DETENTION) will apply for all the MHMDS collection records for the PATIENT within the same REPORTING PERIOD.


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