Format/length: 8 characters HH:MM:SS (see notes below)
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The TIME (using a 24 hour clock) at which an event, or the action in an event, takes place.

UK Government Data Standards Catalogue (GDSC), Version 2.0, Agreed 01.01.02. GDSC:

This is the e-GIF standard that should be used for all new and developing systems and for XML messages.

For existing CDS EDIFACT messages however, the standard format n4 should continue to be used for all TIMES.

Other messages currently being exchanged eg data sets, using TIME standards developed prior to e-GIF, should be migrated as soon as practicably possible. However, this migration should be instructed via changes to data set implementation guidance. Individual users must remain compliant with the standard format n4 currently used, except for THEATRE CASE START TIME which has a format hh:mm, until data set implementation guidance instructs otherwise.

Concatenated date time elements are in use and are derived from the e-GIF standards for DATE and TIME, these should continue to be used unless further notified.

UK Government Data Standards Catalogue

Data Element Time
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Version 2.0
Status Release
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Date Agreed 1 January 2002

Meta Data Value
Name Time
Description The time (using a 24 hour clock) at which an event, or the action in an event, takes place.
Business Format 8 characters expressed as HH:MM:SS (H=hours, M=minutes, S=seconds)
Element Type Data Type
1. All times must be expressed in the 24 hour clock format, e.g. one minute past midnight is 00:01:00.
2. Values of any element less than 10 should be entered with a zero in the first position.
Default Value
Owner OeE
Based On XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes W3C Recommendation 02 May 2001.
1. See the W3C standard for details of formatting shortened versions of Time, e.g. hours and minutes only.
2. All times for UK transactions/events will be assumed to be GMT.

This data element is also known by these names:

Context Alias
plural TIMES