Central Return Form Guidance

KC57- Patient Care in the Community - Community Psychiatric Nursing

    Contextual Overview
  1. The Department and Regional Offices require summary details from NHS HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS for use in the implementation and monitoring of Community Care Reforms and to monitor the activity of teams led by Community Psychiatric Nurses.

  2. Information based on the return is also used in Public Expenditure Survey (PES) negotiations, resource allocations to the NHS and Departmental accountability.

  3. Information based on the return is published by the Department in an Annual Summary.

  4. Completing KC57 - Patient Care in the Community - Community Psychiatric Nursing
  5. The central return KC57 is completed by NHS HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS - Trusts. It requires information on NURSING IN THE COMMUNITY PROGRAMME activity by nursing teams led by Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPNs).

  6. Contacts made in the following LOCATION TYPES are excluded from all parts of this return:

  7. 004 Ward on NHS Hospital Site
    017 NHS Consultant Clinic Premises on a NHS Hospital Site
    018 NHS Consultant Clinic Premises off a NHS Hospital Site
  8. Location Types can be found in Location Type Codes-Table 2 (deleted). This shows how the groupings required for KC57 can be derived from the basic LOCATION TYPES.

  9. The KC57 return relates to activity taking place over a 12 month period, between 1 April of one year and 31 March of the following year. The return is made annually and submitted within two months of the end of the year to which it relates.

  10. KC57 requires the ORGANISATION CODE and ORGANISATION NAME of the NHS HEALTH CARE PROVIDER as well as the name of a contact and the contact telephone number on the front page. The ORGANISATION CODE is repeated at the bottom of each sheet.

  11. The KC57 return counts the number of FACE TO FACE CONTACTS COMMUNITY CARES, covering FIRST CONTACT IN FINANCIAL YEAR and INITIAL CONTACT. An initial contact will usually be the first contact in the financial year. This may not, however, be the case where a COMMUNITY EPISODE started in one financial year and continued into the next one.

  12. Generally, the total number of first contacts in Part 1 will be larger than the total number of initial contacts in Part 2. If this is not the case, it would be helpful if an explanation is attached to the return.