Central Return Form Guidance

KH07AR - Demand for Elective Admission: Number of Patients who have deferred admission waiting at the end of the Quarter (Responsible Population Based)

    Contextual Overview
  1. The Department requires HQ and Strategic Health Authorities to manage waiting time performance. The Department uses the information from this return to help monitor national waiting list trends. These are used to develop policies and indicate changes which can enable ELECTIVE ADMISSION LISTS to be managed more effectively.

  2. Information on the return is not published directly; however, the details are used to confirm the responsible population based waiting list statistics.

  3. Completing the Return KH07AR - Demand for Elective Admission: Number of Patients who have deferred admission waiting at the end of the Quarter
  4. The return KH07AR is submitted by NHS TRUSTS and PRIMARY CARE TRUSTS and is based on the population for which the NHS Trust or Primary Care Trust is responsible. This includes all patients registered with GPs who form part of the PRIMARY CARE TRUSTS including those who are not resident within the Primary Care Trust's geographical area. If a patient waiting for admission to hospital does not have an NHS GP, the responsible Primary Care Trust is determined by the postcode of the patient's home. PATIENTS treated under out of area treatments (OATs) are exceptions, who should be counted by the 'main commissioner'. This is normally the PCT with the highest value of Service Agreements with the NHS Trust.

  5. KH07AR requires information only about waiting list admissions and booked admissions. Planned admissions are excluded.

  6. The return indicates the experience of PATIENTS for whom the PRIMARY CARE TRUST is responsible in terms of their waiting times for admission to hospital, and includes NHS funded PATIENTS waiting for admission either to private or to other non-NHS establishments.

  7. The return is sub-divided into deferred admissions and suspended patients each of which are then divided into those intended to be treated as ordinary admissions and those intended to be treated as day case admissions. Deferred admissions and suspended patients should be counted by TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE.

  8. Deferred admissions
  9. Deferred admissions are patients with an ADMISSION OFFER OUTCOME of Patient failed to arrive or Admission cancelled by, or on behalf of, patient.

  10. A PATIENT can only be included in the count of deferred admissions once the offered date for admission has passed. This means that PATIENTS who have self-deferred during the period but whose offered admission dates have not passed at the CENSUS DATE are not included. Note that PATIENTS who have self-deferred a planned admission are excluded from this return.

  11. Suspended patients
  12. Suspended patients are PATIENTS who have been suspended from the ELECTIVE ADMISSION LISTS for medical reasons or who are unavailable for admission for a specified period because of family commitments, holidays or other reasons. During this period of suspension a PATIENT on an ELECTIVE ADMISSION LIST is unavailable for admission and therefore should not be given an OFFER OF ADMISSION for that interval. The return excludes:

  13. - private patients
    - PATIENTS from overseas.
  14. HA based returns should count a PATIENT once, whether or not the PATIENT is on the waiting lists of two or more NHS Trusts for the same condition.

  15. The inclusion of suspended patients in KH07AR allows the data in KH06R and QF01 to be checked for consistency. PATIENTS waiting at the end of the period should be equivalent to PATIENTS waiting at the end of the last period plus the number of additions and minus the number of PATIENTS admitted in the period or removed from the ELECTIVE ADMISSION LISTS for other reasons. For the figures to balance, suspended patients must also be taken into account.

  16. The return relates to a three month period, the first quarter starting on 1 April and the last quarter ending on 31 March. All four quarterly returns require data at TREATMENT FUNCTION CODE level. Returns must be submitted by the thirtieth working day after the end of the quarter.