Model View Diagram - Overview

MS010 - GP Hospital Communication Messages - Clinical Information

  1. This diagram shows the classes concerned with the Clinical Information associated with GP-Hospital communication messages.

  2. Existing detail relating to the dialogue between GPs and Hospital services has been collected together into sub types of PERSON OBSERVATIONS, CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS and CLINICAL INVESTIGATION RESULT ITEMS.

  3. PERSON OBSERVATIONS refer to the diagnosis and CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS refer to investigation and treatment of PATIENTS by CARE PROFESSIONALS and ORGANISATIONS. CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS may be sub-typed as DRUG TREATMENTS.

  4. CLINICAL INVESTIGATION RESULT ITEMS refer to Pathology and Radiology results.

  5. CLINICAL INVESTIGATION RESULT ITEMS, CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS and CLINICAL DIAGNOSES FOR PERSON may be classified by a READ CLASSIFICATION. One of the relationships is to classify the results and the other is to classify the clinical investigation.