Model View Diagram - Overview


  1. This diagram shows the classes relevant to AMBULANCE SERVICES and AMBULANCE SERVICE VEHICLES.

  2. An AMBULANCE SERVICE is a type of SERVICE POINT so each AMBULANCE SERVICE is a managed unit of an ORGANISATION responsible for delivering services. Each AMBULANCE SERVICE will comprise one or more AMBULANCE STATIONS and each AMBULANCE STATION is also a type of SERVICE POINT.

  3. Each AMBULANCE STATION will have AMBULANCE UTILISATION SAMPLES taken at least twice every year. AMBULANCE UTILISATION SNAPSHOTS taken at fifteen minute intervals provide the data for vehicle utilisation and form part of an AMBULANCE UTILISATION SAMPLE.

  4. Each AMBULANCE SERVICE VEHICLE has a measurable operational performance and running costs which are held as AMBULANCE SERVICE RECORDS and AMBULANCE MILEAGE RECORDS. Each AMBULANCE SERVICE VEHICLE may have one or more AMBULANCE SERVICE VEHICLE ROAD ACCIDENTS.