HP010 Referral Requests
HP020 Clinics
HP030 Consultant Clinics
HP040 Out-Patient Attendances
HP050 Elective Admission Lists
HP060 Admission Rights
HP070 Consultant Episodes (Hospital Provider)
HP080 Augmented Care Periods
HP090 Admitted Patient Consultant Care
HP100 Admitted Patient Nursing Care
HP110 Admitted Patient Stays
HP120 Wards
HP130 Overseas Visitor & Residency
HP140 Admission and Discharge
HP150 Registrable Births
HP160 Accident and Emergency Attendances
HP170 Hospital Beds - Planning Intent
HP180 Operating Theatres
HP190 Radiotherapy Departments
HP200 Pathology Services - Diagnostic Test Requests
HP210 Pathology Services
HP220 Pathology Service Requests - GP Hospital Communications
HP230 Radiology Departments
HP240 Radiology Service Requests - GP Hospital Communications
HP250 Isotope Procedures
HP260 Physiological Measurement
HP270 Professional Staff Group Services and Departments
HP280 Disablement Appliances
HP290 Nurse and Midwife Contacts
HP300 Nursing Episodes
HP310 Midwife Episodes
HP320 Legal Status For Patient
HP330 Registered Sites
HP340 Hospital Eye Service
HP350 NHS Day Care Facilities
HP360 Psychiatric Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HONOS)
HP380 Road Traffic Accident Charges
HP390 Acute Myocardial Infarction Core Data Set
HP400 Cance Care Drug Programmes
HP420 Cancer Sites - Skin, Brain and Sarcoma