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2.0.0 n/a Migrated from v1.3 December 2002 n/a
2.1.0 CP286 Update the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual supporting information and provide additional user guidance on data flows to be applied to activity from 1st April 2002. 3 Nov 2004 1 Apr 2002
2.2.0 CP280 Update the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual to reflect the organisational changes identified in 'Shifting the Balance of Power' 3 Nov 2004 1 Oct 2002
2.3.0 CP391 To enable NHS Trusts, PCTs and Independent Sector providers to identify each Treatment Centre separately by using the Organisation Site Code. 3 Nov 2004 7 Jan 2004
2.4.0 CP485 The Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data warehouse is a record level database of hospital admissions populated by taking a sub-set of the data submitted to the NHS Wide Clearing Service (NWCS). The scope of the data warehouse has been increased to include the Out-Patient Attendance and Accident and Emergency Attendance Commissioning Data Set Types. This paper updates the supporting information in the NHS Data Dictionary about the uses of NWCS data. 26 Apr 2005 1 Oct 2004

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