Mental Health Minimum Dataset


Background to the Mental Health Minimum Dataset - DSCN 29/2002

The MHMD is to be electronically collected from NHS Trusts via the NHS-wide Clearing Service for storage in a database from which the Department of Health will produce routine reports.

Please note that the collection of the MHMD does not replace any other collection of mental health data such as the Admitted Patient Care CDS Type Detained and /or Long Term Psychiatric Census, which should continue to be collected.

The first quarterly collection of the MHMD via the NWCS is scheduled for the end of Quarter 1 - 2003 (end of June). In order to implement the electronic data flow. The data item notes which comprise the MHMD itself have been specified and incorporated within the NHS Data Dictionary.

In addition, a number of changes to existing data standards have also been made in order to fully support the MHMD data item notes.

For further information on the Mental Health Minimum Dataset, please view the following NHSIA website: