Summary Core Dataset for Diabetes



The demographics section contains demographic items necessary to ensure accurate and trouble free liaison between the care provider and the user. All demographic data items will conform to existing national standards.


The section contains information relating to the type of diabetes and the date of diagnosis. This information has implications for care and management.

Patient Review Data

These data items act as a record of the regular, routine preventative care reviews that form the core of the 'continuing care' component of the patient journey, together with a record of the high level obseravtions and management decisions that are made at any consultation.

Patient Medical History

This section contains those health issues and procedures that may have an effect on, or be a consequence of, the diabetic condition and which will be needed by the patient/clinician in order to manage and monitor care safely and effectively. It refers to chronic concurrent conditions, and also to acute complications associated more directly with the diabetic condition.