The NHS data standards logical data model is too large to be represented in just one diagram showing all the defined classes and their relationships. Consequently the data model has been split into a number of separate diagrams, each representing a sub-set of the whole data model. Each diagram is referred to as a Model View and they are individually named and grouped by functional area heading.

Each Model View diagram is accompanied by a narrative description of the major features. Where classes are referenced, the names used are capitalised and are exactly as they are defined within the Class Definitions.

Model View Diagram Class Definitions

By clicking on an class box on a Model View diagram, the selected class definition will display. The class definition will replace either the Overview Text or a previous class definition, to return to the Overview Text click on the Text link.

Any text within the displayed definition which is in blue and uppercase, is the name of a class or an attribute and if clicked on will display the definition for that class or attribute.