A broad coding of types of diagnoses which may be made as a result of ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY ATTENDANCES.


a. Laceration
b. Contusion/abrasion
i. contusion
ii. abrasion
c. Soft tissue inflammation
d. Head injury
i. concussion
ii. other head injury
e. Dislocation/ fracture/ joint injury/ amputation
i. dislocation
ii. open fracture
iii. closed fracture
iv. joint injury
v. amputation
f. Sprain/ ligament injury
g. Muscle/ tendon injury
h. Nerve injury
i. Vascular injury
j. Burns and scalds
i. electric
ii. thermal
iii. chemical
iv. radiation
k. Electric shock
l. Foreign body
m. Bites/ stings
n. Poisoning (including overdose)
i. prescriptive drug
ii. proprietary drug
iii. controlled drug
iv. other,including alcohol
o. Near drowning
p. Visceral injury
q. Infectious disease
i. notifiable disease
ii. non-notifiable disease
r. Local infection
s. Septicaemia
t. Cardiac conditions
i. myocardial ischaemia and infarction
ii. other non-ischaemia
u. Cerebro-vascular conditions
v. Other vascular conditions
w. Haematological conditions
x. CNS conditions (excluding strokes)
i. epilepsy
ii. other non-epilepsy
y. Respiratory conditions
i. bronchial asthma
ii. other non-asthma
z. Gastrointestinal conditions
i. haemorrhage
ii. acute abdominal pain
iii. other
aa. Urological conditions (including cystitis)
ab. Obstetric conditions
ac. Gynaecological conditions
ad. Diabetes and other endocrinological conditions
i. diabetic
ii. other non-diabetic
ae. Dermatological conditions
af. Allergy (including anaphylaxis)
ag. Facio-maxillary conditions
ah. ENT conditions
ai. Psychiatric conditions
aj. Ophthalmological conditions
ak. Social problem (includes chronic alcoholism and homelessness)
al. Diagnosis not classifiable
am. Nothing abnormal detected

Accident and Emergency Investigation Clinical Codes


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