The medical condition or reason for a GENITOURINARY EPISODE.

National codes:
Diagnosis and/or treatment of infection or disease:

A1 Primary infectious syphilis
A2 Secondary infectious syphilis
A3 Early latent syphilis (first 2 years)
A4, A5, A6 Other acquired syphilis
A7 Congenital syphilis, aged under 2
A8 Congenital syphilis, aged 2 and over
A9 Epidemiological treatment of suspected syphilis
B1, B2 Uncomplicated gonorrhoea
B3 Gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum
B4 Epidemiological treatment of suspected gonorrhoea
B5 Complicated gonococcal infection - including PID and epididymitis
C1 Chancroid
C3 Donovanosis
C4A, C4C Uncomplicated chlamydial infection
C4B Complicated chlamydial infection - including PID and epididymitis
C4D Chlamydia ophthalmia neonatorum
C4E Epidemiological treatment of suspected chlamydia
C4H Uncomplicated non-gonococcal/non-specific urethritis in males or treatment of mucopurulent cervicitis in females
C4I Epidemiological treatment of non-specific gonococcal infection
C5 Complicated infection (non-chlamydial/non-gonococcal) including PID and epididymitis
C6A Trichomoniasis
C6B Anaerobic/Bacterial vaginosis/Anaerobic balanitis
C6C Other vaginosis/Vaginitis/Balanitis
C7A Anogenital candidosis
C7B Epidemiological treatment of C6 & C7
C8 Scabies
C9 Pediculosis Pubis
C10A Anogenital herpes simplex: first attack
C10B Anogenital herpes simplex: recurrence
C11A Anogenital warts - first attack
C11B Anogenital warts - recurrence
C11C Anogenital warts - re-registered cases
C12 Molluscum contagiosum
C13A Viral hepatitis B (HbsAg positive) first diagnosis**
C13B **number of which from C13A which were acute viral hepatitis B
C13C Viral hepatitis B: subsequent presentation
C14 Viral hepatitis C: first diagnosis
D2A Urinary tract infection
D2B Other conditions requiring treatment at GUM clinic
E1A New HIV diagnosis: asymptomatic
E2A New HIV diagnosis: symptomatic (not AIDS)
E1B, E2B Subsequent HIV presentation (not AIDS)
E3A1 AIDS: first presentation - new HIV diagnosis
E3A2 AIDS: first presentation - HIV diagnosed previously
E3B AIDS: subsequent presentation
P4A Cervical cytology - minor abnormality
P4B Cervical cytology - major abnormality
Services provided:
S1 Sexual health screen (no HIV antibody test)
S2 HIV anti-body test and sexual health screen
P1A HIV anti-body test (No sexual health screen)
P1B HIV anti-body test offered and refused
P2 Hepatitis B vaccination (1st dose only)
P3 Contraception (excluding condom provision)
D3 Other episodes not requiring treatment

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