A category of service to be provided as part of the INDEPENDENT HEALTH CARE REGISTRATION.

National Codes:

AH Acute hospital (with overnight beds)
AD(DS) Acute hospital (day surgery only)
MH Mental Health treatment establishment, not including those where people are liable to be detained
MH(D) Mental Health establishment taking people liable to be detained
H(A) Hospice for adults
H(C) Hospice for children
MC Maternity hospital/clinic
TOP Abortion clinic
PD(M) Private doctor - walk in medical centres
PD(IMA) Private doctor - independent medical agencies
PD Private doctor - (other)
PT(L) Establishment using Class 3B or Class 4 lasers
PT(IL) Establishment using intense light sources
PT(D) Establishment providing dialysis
PT(E) Establishment using endoscopy
PT(IVF) Establishment providing in vitro fertilisation
PT(HBO) Establishment providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment

References: National Care Standards Commission registration April 2002.