The number of days the PATIENT received Intensive Care within an AUGMENTED CARE PERIOD.

A PATIENT may move between Intensive and High Dependency Care in an AUGMENTED CARE PERIOD. The total number of days the PATIENT received Intensive Care in the AUGMENTED CARE PERIOD is recorded.

Intensive Care is delivered in the following circumstances at an AUGMENTED CARE LOCATIONS

a. Advanced respiratory system monitoring and support alone
b. Two or more organ systems being monitored and supported, one of which may be advanced respiratory support
c. Single organ system support in the presence of chronic failure. Chronic failure is defined as the chronic impairment of one or more organ systems sufficient to restrict daily activities

The minimum period of assessment is one calendar day. The highest level of care provided within the day dictates whether the day adds to the High Dependency or Intensive Care level total.

Periods of less than 24 hours are recorded as one day. Therefore, if the PATIENT received five hours of Intensive Care, one day is recorded.

Table 3, Report of the Working Group on Guidelines on admission to and discharge from Intensive Care and High Dependency Units, DH, March 1996

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