A classification of nurses.


a. Registered General Nurse (Registered General Nurse and Registered Nurse (Adult))
b. Registered Mental Nurse (Registered Mental Nurse and Registered Nurse (Learning Disabled - RN))
c. Registered Nurse for people with Learning Disabilities (Registered Nurse (Learning Disabled - RNMH) and Registered Nurse (Mental Handicap)
d. Registered Sick Children's Nurse (Registered Sick Children’s Nurse and Registered Nurse (Children))
e. Registered Midwife
f. Registered Fever Nurse
g. Registered Nurse (Enrolled Nurse (General), Enrolled Nurse (Mental), Enrolled Nurse (Learning Disabled) and Enrolled Nurse (Trained in Scotland))
h. Registered Health Visitor
i. Care Assistant - with NVQ
j. Care Assistant - without NVQ

RH(N) S Nursing Staff in Post 1998

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