An indicator of whether the operation that the PATIENT is being admitted for was cancelled at the last minute for non-clinical reasons. 'Last minute' means on the day the patient was due to arrive, after the patient has arrived in hospital or on the day of the operation. This includes telephone cancellations made to patients on the day of their operation or day of admission.

An operation which is rescheduled to a time within 24 hours of the original scheduled operation should be recorded as a postponement and not as a cancellation. Some common non-clinical reasons for cancellations by the hospital include: ward beds unavailable; surgeon unavailable; emergency case needing theatre; theatre list over-ran; equipment failure; admin error; anaesthetist unavailable; theatre staff unavailable; and critical care bed unavailable. These examples are based on information from the Modernisation Agency's Theatres Project and do not necessarily cover all non-clinical reasons.

National Codes:

1 Operation cancelled at the last minute for non-clinical reasons on the day of surgery
2 Operation cancelled at short notice for non-clinical reasons although not on the day of surgery

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