The coded source of admission to a HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL or a NURSING EPISODE when the PATIENT is in a HOSPITAL SITE or a CARE HOME SITE. Code 51 should not be used if the PATIENT arrives at an Accident and Emergency Department and is admitted to the same HOSPITAL PROVIDER.

National Codes:

19 Usual place of residence unless listed below, for example, a private dwelling whether owner occupied or owned by local authority, housing association or other landlord. This includes wardened accommodation but not residential accommodation where health care is provided. It also includes patients with no fixed abode.
29 Temporary place of residence when usually resident elsewhere (e.g. hotels, residential educational establishments)
39 Penal establishment, Court, or police station
49 NHS other hospital provider - high security psychiatric accommodation in an NHS hospital provider (NHS trust)
51 NHS other hospital provider - ward for general patients or the younger physically disabled or A & E department
52 NHS other hospital provider - ward for maternity patients or neonates
53 NHS other hospital provider - ward for patients who are mentally ill or have learning disabilities
54 NHS run care home
65 Local Authority residential accommodation ie where care is provided
66 Local Authority foster care
79 Babies born in or on the way to hospital
85 Non-NHS (other than Local Authority) run care home
87 Non NHS run hospital
88 Non-NHS (other than Local Authority) run Hospice

This attribute is also known by these names:

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