A period of care provided as part of the Care Programme Approach for an adult (including elderly) PATIENT. The CARE PROGRAMME APPROACH EPISODE forms part of a MENTAL HEALTH CARE SPELL.

The first CARE PROGRAMME APPROACH EPISODE starts when the MENTAL HEALTH CARE SPELL initial assessment of the PATIENT determines that a plan of care or treatment is required which will be delivered under the Care Programme Approach.

The CARE PROGRAMME APPROACH EPISODE ends when one of the following occurs:

- a review determines that no further care need be provided
- a different level of Care Programme Approach is required
- a PATIENT transfers to another HEALTH CARE PROVIDER with main responsibility for provision of mental health care also being transferred
- death of the PATIENT

A Care Programme Approach must involve all of the following key elements:

a. An assessment of the PATIENT's health and social care needs
b. A written care plan to meet the assessed needs, the PATIENT being involved in drawing up the care plan
c. Regular reviews of the PATIENT's care plan
d. A named mental health worker, called a care coordinator, who is responsible for the PATIENT care under the Care Programme Approach

There are two levels of Care Programme Approach; standard and enhanced.

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