An attendance at which a PATIENT is seen (face to face or via telephone/telemedicine) by a CONSULTANT, in respect of one referral, that is not a visit to the home of a PATIENT for which a fee is payable under paragraph 140 of the Terms and Conditions of Service. For the purposes of this definition 'CONSULTANT' includes a member of the CONSULTANT's firm or locum for such a member.

If a PATIENT is seen by a CONSULTANT at a CONSULTANT CLINIC then this will be a CLINIC ATTENDANCE CONSULTANT. An attendance may involve more than one person (e.g. a family). The number of attendances to be recorded should be the number of PATIENTS for whom the particular CONSULTANT has identifiable individual records and which will be maintained as a result of the attendance.

A visit to the home of a PATIENT made at the instance of a hospital or specialist to review the urgency of a proposed admission to hospital, or to continue to supervise treatment initiated or prescribed at a hospital or clinic is covered by this definition.

OUT-PATIENT ATTENDANCE CONSULTANT also includes a PATIENT being seen by a CONSULTANT from a different MAIN SPECIALTY during a CONSULTANT EPISODE (HOSPITAL PROVIDER) in circumstances where there is no transfer of responsibility for the care of the PATIENT.

If the PATIENT is currently subject to a MENTAL HEALTH CARE SPELL and the consultant they are in contact with during attendance is their allocated Care Programme Approach care coordinator then a FACE TO FACE CONTACT CPA CARE COORDINATOR should also be recorded.

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