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UK Government Data Standards Catalogue (GDSC), Version 2.0, Agreed 01.01.02. GDSC:

PERSON DEATH DATE is the same as attribute PERSON DEATH DATE.

UK Government Data Standards Catalogue

Data Element Person Death Date
Is Part Of
Person Information
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Version 2.0
Status Release
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Date Agreed 1 January 2002

Meta Data Value
Name Person Death Date
Description The date on which a person died or is officially deemed to have died.
Business Format See Type standard for date.
Element Type Data Item
1. See Type standard for date.
2. Date must not be in the future.
3. Date must not be earlier than Person Birth Date.
See Type standard for date.
Default Value
Owner OeE
Based On
Level 0 - Not Verified / Interim Death certificate.
Level 1 - One of the following:
  • Notification from Hospital
  • Police Statement
Level 2 - One of the following:
  • Documented Coroners Verdict
  • Presumption of death by a court of Law in England, Scotland or Wales.

Level 3 - One of the following:

  • Death Certificate BD8
  • Notification from General Registrars Office (system or clerical).
  • Certificate of Registry showing given names and family name.
  • GRO copy.
  • Notification of death issued by Forces Department of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
  • Notification of death issued by the Registrar General of the Shipping and Seamen (Mercantile Marine).
1. See Type standard for date.
2. DWP has a specific requirement to ensure that this data item is verified and has procedures to do so to 3 levels. The following also applies to DWP only:
  • If Death Verification Type is level 1, 2 or 3, then the Person Death Date cannot be amended.
  • Where the Death Verification Type is level 1, 2 or 3, the validation relating to restrictions on amending the Person Death Date does not apply to high level users.
3. Interim Death Certificates. There is a distinction between an interim death certificate and a death certificate showing the cause of death. The Registrars Office confirmed that all death certificates show a cause of death except where a case is referred to the Coroner for the cause of death to be determined. In these cases an interim death certificate is issued. An interim death certificate is issued as a courtesy to the relatives/ friends of the deceased. It has no legal standing and is not deemed as verification of a cause/ date of death.

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