Publication Version Table


The version number is held at the individual element level, which means that a Change Log can be held for each attribute, data element, central return form, CDS message etc.

Classes have been treated slightly differently as they have been broken down into three separate sections, one each for its description, attribute and relationship list, and each will have its own Change Log and version number.

Version Number Structure

Each version number is composed of 3 numbers, e.g. Version 2.3.1.

The first number reflects the version number of the publication as a whole (currently version 2), and will only change when there is a major new release of whole Data Dictionary.

The second number changes whenever the individual element has been affected by a nationally approved change, currently published in DSCNs. In this example the element has been changed by three DSCNs, each of which will be listed in the Change Log.

The third number is incremented whenever a minor patch change is made to the element, for instance to make a simple typographical change to the text, which would not normally need to go through the usual standards approval mechanism. These minor changes will not appear in the Change Log.