Navigating the NHS Data Dictionary

The NHS Data Dictionary has been developed as a web based publication, for presentation compatible with browsers upwards from Internet Explorer version 4.0 and Netscape Navigator version 4.0. The standard navigation buttons of both these browsers are active and work as normal.

Text which is displayed in blue indicates a clickable and active link.

In addition to the standard browser navigation buttons, certain screens will display with their own tabs. If these are used they will navigate you within the publication rather than the overall browser. For example, click on click on the relationships tab within a class window and this will display the relationship list for that class (if one is present). Click on the 'definition' tab to navigate back to the class definition.

Recommended Screen Display Settings

If you use a 14 or 15 inch monitor the recommended display setting to view this web publication is 800 x 600. If you use a 17 inch monitor, or above, the recommended screen setting is 1024 x 768.