A reason given for terminating an EMPLOYEE CONTRACT.


a. Normal retirement
An employee retiring at the normal retirement age for the NHS pension scheme under the earlier retirement conditions for special classes. The special classes are women employed as nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and health visitors who have completed the required length of service and mental health officers of both sexes who have completed the required length of service.
b. Other retirement
i. due to ill health
Retirement taken due to long term ill health (including stress related illness)
ii. voluntary/early
Employee has volunteered for early retirement
iii. interest of service
It has been agreed between the employer and employee that it is in the interest of the service to take early retirement
iv. Other
An employee retiring in circumstances other than those covered by 'normal retirement' or any of the sub classifications listed above.
c. Death
Death in service of an employee.
d. Dismissal
Covers all situations (apart from those specifically identified elsewhere) in which the employer has initiated the termination of contract.
e. Redundancy
A job ceasing to exist.
f. Contract completion
End of non-permanent contract.
g. Organisational change (excluding redundancy)
An employee leaving as a result of changes in the organisational structure.
h. Career development
An employee leaving for career reasons.
i. Dissatisfaction
An employee has offered dissatisfaction as the prime reason for leaving.
j. Personal
An employee has stated a specific non-work-related reason for leaving
k. No specific reason
An employee has not given a specific reason for leaving
l. Stress
An employee has stated that they have left the job due to work stress related medical conditions

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