Whats New in this Release

May: 2005

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DSCNs Incorporated into the NHS Data Dictionary:

Title Implementation Date (R=Revised)

DSCN 05/2005

Data Standards: Discontinuation of KH05, KH14 and QMCW


DSCN 04/2005

Data Standards Discontinuation of KT23, KT26, KT27 and KT29

1st April 2005

DSCN 03/2005

Data Standards: Changes to KA34 Ambulance Services


DSCN 32/2004

Payment by Results  Change to content of CDSs

1st April 2005

DSCN 30/2004

Data Standards: Psychiatric Census CDS message and Source of Admission

1st April 2005

DSCN 27/2004

Data Standards: CANCER STATUS

1st April 2005