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CP647 1 Apr 2005 DSCN 04/2005 - Discontinuation of KT23, 26, 27 & 29 Central Returns To update the NHS Data Dictionary with the discontinuation of Allied Health Professional central returns.
CP626 11 Jan 2005 DSCN 05/2005 - Discontinuation of KH05, KH14 and QMCW Changes to the NHS Data Dictionary to support the discontinuation of central returns.
CP534 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 31/2004 - Data Standards:Renaming of the Organisation Codes Service (OCS) to National Administrative Codes Service (NACS) The Organisation Codes Service (OCS) was renamed as National Administrative Codes Service (NACS) and references to the OCS remained in the NHS Data Dictionary. The Medical and Dental Practice Codes table has also been updated.
CP533 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 28/2004 - Data Standards: Changes to KC50 - Immunisation Programmes Activity return The Central Return form KC50 was changed by DSCN 17/2004, and therefore changes have been made to the NHS Data Dictionary.
CP521 1 Dec 2004 DSCN 03/2005 - KA34 Changes Revisions to KA34 Ambulance Services Return were notified by DSCN 33/2004. This necessitated changes to data standards including RESPONSE CATEGORY and the KA34 Central Return Form Guidance in the NHS Data Dictionary.
CP504 1 Apr 2005 DSCN 30/2004 - Data Standards: Psychiatric Census CDS message and Source of Admission The data element SOURCE OF ADMISSION (HOSPITAL PROVIDER SPELL) requires adding to the CDS Type - Detained And/Or Long Term Psychiatric Census (CDS Type 170) to bring it in line with the specification in the CDS Manual.
CP485 1 Oct 2004 DSCN 22/2004 - Data Standards: HES extraction of Out-Patient and A&E CDS data The Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data warehouse is a record level database of hospital admissions populated by taking a sub-set of the data submitted to the NHS Wide Clearing Service (NWCS). The scope of the data warehouse has been increased to include the Out-Patient Attendance and Accident and Emergency Attendance Commissioning Data Set Types. This paper updates the supporting information in the NHS Data Dictionary about the uses of NWCS data.
CP484 1 Apr 2005 DSCN 32/2004 - Payment by Results The Payment by Results (PbR) policy changes the way funds flow between commissioners and providers of health care services in England. Through the establishment of standard national tariffs for similar types of treatments, providers will be paid on the basis of the volume and complexity of the activity they actually deliver. Payment by Results has ministerial backing. This DSCN has been sponsored by the Head of the Payment by Results. The DSCN supports 'Implementing PbR Technical Guidance 2005/06', specifically paragraphs 3.16 to 3.18 and 6.12, which can be found on the DH website:<br>PublicationsPolicyAndGuidanceArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4097993&chk=JSLwVc. For Foundation Trusts the scope of PbR includes non-elective admissions, out-patients and A&E in 2005/6. Although, for non-Foundation Trusts, these elements are outside the scope of the tariff in 2005/6, data are still required to flow to operate PbR in shadow form and so that new baselines can be established for 2006/7. Payment by Results also requires the implementation of DSCNs 26/2003 and 34/2003 Updated National Specialty List (introduction of new Treatment Function codes). The outpatient tariff is based on Treatment Function and certain Treatment Functions are also used to define the scope of the Admitted Patient Care tariff.
CP478 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 23/2004 - Data Standards: Discontinuation of central returns KC55 to KC59 The Central Returns KC55, KC56, KC57, KC58, and KC59 were discontinued by DSCN 18/2004.
CP457 1 Jul 2004 DSCN 29/2004 - Data Standards: Inclusion of CDS and MHMDS message data definitions in the NHS Data Dictionary Migration of all the remaining specifications of CDS Message and Header data elements from the NHS CDS Manual into the NHS Data Dictionary to support the introduction of CDS-XML based messages.
CP425 1 Apr 2004 e-GIF Additional Date and Time Format Changes Element Details To fully implement the e-GIF standards mandated in DSCNs 09/2004 and 10/2004 into the NHS Data Dictionary, specifically in relation to Date and Time elements.
CP413 1 Mar 2004 DSCN 15/2004 - Data Standards: Cancer Waiting Times - First Definitive Treatment Anti-cancer surgery includes enabling or palliative interventions. These changes have been introduced to clarify Cancer Waiting Times monitoring.
CP412 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 19/2004 - Data Standards: Elective Admission List CDS messages The Elective Admission List CDS Types complete the full range of CDS Types currently used and need to be available in the NHS Data Dictionary to support future CDS message development. In particular, future CDS messages using XML based message standards will use the NHS Data Dictionary as their source specification.
CP410 1 Mar 2004 DSCN 14/2004 - Data Standards: Removal of CMDS The 3 CMDS referenced by the NHS Data Dictionary are either obsolete or have been superseded by the existing CDS
CP407 1 Mar 2004 DSCN 13/2004 - Data Standards:Source of Admission, Discharge Destination Clarification of the Source of Admission for patients arriving at the Accident and Emergency Department and admitted to the same hospital provider.
CP406 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 21/2004 - Data standards: Ethnic Category Default Code The Class ETHNIC CATEGORY contains a National Code of 'Z not stated', and the existence of this code requires a change to a Default Code in the Data Element: ETHNIC CATEGORY.
CP395 1 Jan 2004 DSCN 12/2004 - Data Standards: A&E Treatment Codes To define codes to record the use of a recently-introduced combined Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccine.
CP394 1 Jan 2004 DSCN 11/2004 - Data Standards:National Cancer Data Set - excision margin The change was proposed as a result of analysis of the Royal College of Pathology data sets and approved by the Cancer Data Group.
CP391 7 Jan 2004 DSCN 06/2004 - Data Standards: Treatment Centres To enable NHS Trusts, PCTs and Independent Sector providers to identify each Treatment Centre separately by using the Organisation Site Code.
CP389 7 Jan 2004 DSCN 05/2004 - Data Standards: Reorganisation to facilitate the introduction of the Meta Model Changes to the NHS Data Dictionary to enable legacy systems to be supported until alignment with the National Programme.
CP383 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 10/2004 - Data Standards:e-GIF date and time Formats The e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) has an associated Government Data Standards Catalogue (GDSC) containing release data standards required to be supported by the NHS Data Dictionary. DSCN 37/2002 is being withdrawn, with immediate effect, to ensure consistency with the full release standards contained in the GDSC being incorporated within the NHS Data Dictionary, especially the need to state exceptions regarding the CDS.
CP372 7 Jan 2004 DSCN 04/2004 - Data Standards: Head and Neck Cancer ? Additional Data Items Integration of the National Cancer Data Set Head and Neck Specific additional data items into the NHS Data Dictionary
CP371 1 Sep 2003 DSCN 33/2003 - Registered Care Homes The Care Standards Act has changed the registration and inspection of care homes.
CP365 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 03/2004 - Discontinuation of KT24 - ?Clinical Psychology Services The cross sector Central Return form KT24 was discontinued from 1st April 2003; therefore the KT24 diagram and all references to this form have been removed from the NHS Dictionary.
CP363 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 20/2004 - Data standards: GMS Contract - Patient Registrations Changes to NHS Data Dictionary to reflect new requirement regarding the registration of Patients with GP Practices, rather than with individual GPs.
CP362 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 32/2003 - Amendment of HRG Data Elements Changes are required to the notes of Data Elements: HEALTHCARE RESOURCE GROUP CODE and HEALTHCARE RESOURCE GROUP CODE VERSION NUMBER
CP360 28 Feb 2003 DSCN 07/2003 - Data Standards: Change to Admitted & Out Patient Waiting Time Information Change to Admitted & Out Patient Waiting Time Information. To refine existing waiting time rules to bring them into line with existing good practice within the NHS.
CP359 1 Sep 2003 DSCN 31/2003 - Cancer Waiting Times - changes to Active Monitoring The use of Active Monitoring in Cancer Waiting Times is no longer restricted to prostate cancer. This change has been introduced to take account of new clinical advice.
CP358 4 Dec 2003 DSCN 37/2003 - Measuring and recording of waiting times for KH07, QF01, QM08 and QM08R To change existing waiting time information within the NHS Data Dictionary to bring it in line with recent guidance issued by the Department of Health relating to patient transfers, trust mergers and patient procedures being cancelled by hospitals.
CP357 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 09/2004 - Data Standards:e-GIF Release standards The e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) has an associated Government Data Standards Catalogue (GDSC) containing release data standards required to be supported by the NHS Data Dictionary.
CP348 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 22/2003 - Smoking Cessation Services Return To provide the changes to NHS data standards necessary to support revisions to the smoking cessation return arising from changes to the monitoring requirements for Smoking Cessation Services in 2003/4
CP347 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 34/2003 - Data Standards: Introduction of Main Specialty and Treatment Function codes The current national specialty list, first developed in the 1980s, is out of date and unable to support the proper and meaningful recording of patient activity aligned to clinical practice that is required under the quality agenda.
CP346 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 21/2003 - Public Health Laboratory Sevice (PHLS) Cessation The Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) ceased to exist on the 01.04.2003
CP345 1 Apr 2004 DSCN 08/2004 - Data Standards:Commissioning Data Set (CDS) default codes Health Authorities (HA) ceased to exist on the 01.04.2003 and Primary Care Trusts (PCT) came into existence on the 01.04.2003. Instances of HA have therefore been removed, and have been replaced with PCT in the Default Codes Summary Table. The default code X9800 has been removed, as it is no longer required. DSCN 54/2002 introduced a new default code and this has been added into the default codes summary table by this DSCN.
CP344 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 30/2003 - Revision of KT31 Central Return Form - Family Planning Clinic Activity DSCN 06/2003 brought-in changes to the KT31 Central Return Form and this DSCN has introduced the KT31 Central Return Form and Guidance Text into the NHS Data Dictionary and has updated existing NHS Data Dictionary elements relevant to KT31 (in line with DSCN 06/2003).
CP343 1 Jun 2003 DSCN 20/2003 - Clarification of the definition of Dental Episode Clarification was required in the description of the class DENTAL EPISODE (for Community Dental Service), to make it clear that an appointment for a routine check-up is the start of a new episode.
CP341 1 Oct 2003 DSCN 29/2003 - Pathology - Additional Items - National Cancer Data Set Integration of the National Cancer Dataset Pathology data items into the NHS Data Dictionary
CP340 3 Jun 2003 DSCN 19/2003 - Responsible PCT Change to Primary Care Trust Class description to include definition for responsible population.
CP338 1 Sep 2003 DSCN 16/2003 - QMCW - Cancer Waiting Times To monitor progress against the 2002 breast cancer waiting time target through a QMCW return as a short term measure. This return will be discontinued when data quality in the new Cancer Waiting Times Database reaches acceptable levels.
CP335 1 Mar 2004 DSCN 07/2004 - Data Standards: Meta Model The purpose of the meta model is to cohesively support the development and maintenance of NHS data standards in a consistent and integrated manner that also supports the business process within and across the NHS, and with other non-NHS organisations involved with the care of patients.
CP331 1 Oct 2003 DSCN 28/2003 - Relating to First Appointment Addition of descriptive text to clarify purpose and usage of REFERRAL STATUS attribute.
CP329 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 18/2003 - Welsh Organisation changes from 1 April 2003 Change to Welsh health organisations
CP327 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 13/2003 - Your Guide to the NHS To introduce into the NHS Data Dictionary amendments due to Your Guide to the NHS
CP326 1 Mar 2003 DSCN 08/2003 - National Cancer Data Set - Site Specific items: Brain, Sarcoma and Skin Cancer Integration of the National Cancer Dataset Site Specific data items into the NHS Data Dictionary Version.2
CP324 1 Oct 2003 DSCN 17/2003 - Legal Status Classification Codes for 'not applicable' & 'not known' To enable more accurate recording of patient information to satisfy data quality standards where patients do not fall into one of the existing categories of LEGAL STATUS CLASSIFICATION CODES, codes of 'not applicable' and 'not known' have been included.
CP323 1 Oct 2003 DSCN 35/2003 - National Joint Registry Minimum Data Set Incorporation of elements from the National Joint Registry Minimum Data Set was required in the NHS Data Dictionary.
CP322 1 Jan 2003 KC60 - Sexually Transmitted Infection Statistics The KC60 Central Return form has been revised, with an effective date of the 1st January 2003.
CP320 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 27/2002 - Changes to Mental Health Minimum Data Set Revision of the Mental Health Minimum Data Set
CP317 1 Mar 2003 DSCN 11/2003 - AMI Data Set Version Numbers Update the NHS Data Dictionary Version 2
CP316 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 10/2003 - Review of KC61 - Pathology Lab's, etc To update the NHS Data Dictionary Version 2 with the latest revisions to KC61
CP315 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 12/2003 - Review of KC65 - Colposcopy Data Standards to support revisions to the KC65 return.
CP314 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 09/2003 - Review of KC53 - Cervical Screening To update the NHS Data Dictionary with the latest revisions to KC53
CP310 1 Oct 2003 DSCN 27/2003 - Diabetes Reduced Data Set Update NHS Dictionary Version 2
CP307 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 39/2002 - Specialised Commissioning Services and Supra Services Publication of specialised services definitions and supra services
CP306 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 38/2002 - Requirements for Accreditation RFA99 V1.2 The Requirements for Accreditation RFA99 V1.2 consultation document.
CP305 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 35/2002 - Central Return A6 - Availability of Dentistry Discontinuation of Central Return A6 Availability of Dentistry
CP304 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 29/2002 - Mental Health Minimum Data Set Implementation of the collection of the Mental Health Minimum Data Set via the NHS-wide Clearing Service
CP298 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 63/2002 - A&E - incorporation of Streaming, and updates to Triage To introduce into the NHS Data Dictionary Version.2 the practice of streaming ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY ATTENDANCES, and to update and restructure A&E triage definitions
CP297 1 Apr 2003 DSCN 62/2002 - NHS patients treated in the independent sector and overseas NHS data standards to support DSCN 47/2002
CP296 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 60/2002 - Changes to the KO41 (A) attributes to bring these in line with StBOP Instances of Health Authority remain within attributes COMPLAINT HCHS SERVICE AREA and COMPLAINT HCHS STAFF CATEGORY in the NHS Data Dictionary Version.2 and these instances are removed by this DSCN
CP295 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 59/2002 - Accident & Emergency Diagnosis code format Amendment of data standards relating to Accident and Emergency Anatomical Side.
CP294 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 58/2002 - Changes to the Medical Workforce Census ROCR - Request for approval (sub 201-047) changed the Medical Workforce Census
CP293 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 57/2002 - Immunisation information for the COVER central return Updating of immunisation data requirements
CP292 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 56/2002 - Changes to QM08 and QM08R Guidance Text DSCN 30/2001 introduced changes to the 13 - 26 week out-patient category used in the QM08 and QM08R out-patient quarterly returns and information levels of out-patient booking, and the central return guidance text has been revised to incorporate these changes. This DSCN brings that guidance text into line with the 'Shifting the Balance of Power' changes and clarifies the recording of private patient activity in the QM08 and QM08R returns.
CP291 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 55/2002 - Detained and/or Long Term Psychiatrc Census Amendment to data standards for completion of Admitted Patient Care Detained and/or Long Term Psychiatric Census in relation to Trust mergers and demergers.
CP290 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 54/2002 - National Cancer Data Set - Site Specific Items Integration of the National Cancer Data Set Site Specific data items into the NHS Data Dictionary Version.2
CP289 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 53/2002 - National Cancer Data Set Integration of the National Cancer Data set into the NHS Data Dictionary Version.2
CP288 1 Jan 2003 DSCN 52/2002 - Acute Myocardial Infarction Data Set Update the NHS Data Dictionary Version.2 to include the MINAP Data Set
CP287 29 Oct 2002 DSCN 61/2002 - NHS Numbers for Babies To reflect the allocation of NHS numbers to babies as soon as possible after birth
CP286 1 Apr 2002 DSCN 46/2002 - CDS Addressing Grid Update the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual supporting information and provide additional user guidance on data flows to be applied to activity from 1st April 2002.
CP281 1 Oct 2002 DSCN 32/2002 To make revision and maintenance of HES data items easier and simplify their access by users.
CP280 1 Oct 2002 DSCN 31/2002 Update the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual to reflect the organisational changes identified in 'Shifting the Balance of Power'
CP279 1 Sep 2002 DSCN 36/2002 To remove Central Return Form - KO41(C) from the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual, as a result of KO41(C) being ceased as a Central Return Form.
CP278 1 Sep 2002 DSCN 42/2002 Inadequate description of a national code.
CP277 1 Oct 2002 DSCN 11/2002 Amendment of current standards
CP276 1 Sep 2002 DSCN 40/2002 - Organisation Codes Service Details Update the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual supporting information to update the Organisation Codes Service (OCS) details.
CP274 1 Dec 2002 DSCN 30/2002 To introduce the data standards to support the changes to monitoring of cancer waiting times
CP273 1 Oct 2002 DSCN 10/2002 Integrating Reference Costs for Radiotherapy Services into the NHS Data Standards
CP272 30 Jun 2002 DSCN 26/2002 Amendment to classification
CP271 1 Jun 2002 DSCN 25/2002 The change in registered nurse responsibilities
CP270 1 Jun 2002 DSCN 24/2002 The abolition of the Subsidiary Diagnosis Field within CDS
CP267 1 Mar 2002 DSCN 07/2002 NHS Data Standards Central Return Form Guidance has been revised and extended to all three KO41 returns to support the creation of KO41(C) and to incorporate the collection of ethnic category for the 2001-02 data year.
CP257 1 Jun 2002 DSCN 23/2002 Integration of the Chemotherapy HRGs required to support casemix adjusted costs into the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual
CP256 1 Sep 2002 DSCN 41/2002 PRIMARY IDENTIFIER was left as an orphan attribute within the NHS Data Dictionary & Manual
CP255 1 Sep 2002 DSCN 43/2002 Changeover from the UKCC to the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council)
CP254 1 Mar 2002 DSCN 06/2002 To comply with the recommendations of the Triennal Review for Out-patient activity data.
CP249 1 Apr 2002 DSCN 14/2002 Rationalisation of codes
CP248 1 Apr 2002 DSCN 09/2002 Anomalous use of the Source of Referral attributes
CP245 1 Apr 2002 DSCN 08/2002 Anomalous use of ATTENDANCE DATE for an appointment date.
CP244 1 Apr 2002 DSCN 03/2002 Changes to central return KC62
CP243 4 Mar 2002 DSCN 12/2002 Clarification of current standard
CP241 1 Mar 2002 DSCN 15/2002 Unclear definition
CP239 1 Mar 2002 DSCN 05/2002 To monitor the above target in the NHS Plan